The pole sections are held together by the expansion mechanisms at the joints.  The tightness of the expansion mechanisms is adjustable.  The expansion mechanism is made up of 3 parts: a silver core screw, a black piece of plastic and a yellow piece of plastic.  The black plastic can be turned on the core screw to tighten (clockwise) or loosen (counter clockwise) the fit in the joint (see photo).  As the black piece is turned, the yellow wings will either expand outward or contract inward.  Expansion causes the fit to be tighter and contraction makes it looser.

 Make sure that there is a small gap (about 1/8") between the metal screw head and the black plastic piece.  Sometimes the gap has to be made even larger to get a sufficiently tight joint. To adjust the gap, turn the black plastic piece clockwise or counter clockwise until the gap is the appropriate size. If there is no gap at all, you may not be able to tighten the expansion mechanism sufficiently to hold the sections together.  If the gap is too large the expansion mechanism will be spread out so much that it will not fit into the other pole section. Keep in mind that the 1/8" is only a guideline.  The gap should be as big as you can make it and still get the expansion mechanism inserted into the section above it.

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Once the expansion mechanisms are adjusted, insert each one into the pole section above it.  Twist the lower section of each joint (see photo) as if you were trying to screw it into the upper section.  The expansion mechanism will tighten the joint as you twist.

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